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Internet Freedom Nonprofit Seeks Director of Engineering

The Tor Project is seeking a Director of Engineering. This newly created position is the most senior engineering role at the organization, reporting directly to the Executive Director. The position will require deep technical expertise and the ability to lead in a geographically dispersed environment. (Most people keep hours between Central European and American Pacific time.)

The Director of Engineering role presents an opportunity for an individual who is passionate about privacy and Internet freedom to guide the engineering aspects of the Tor network, Tor Browser and other applications. Our technology helps millions of people around the world, across mobile and desktop platforms, to securely and freely access the Internet.

Our teams are composed of talented people who are passionate about our mission to advance human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open-source anonymity and privacy technologies. Our product decisions are directly connected to our engineering efforts, so the Director of Engineering will be working with both our engineering teams and product manager. Our collective efforts are presently focused on four fronts: Applications, Tor Network (core tor), Network Health, and Censorship Circumvention.

You will be joining The Tor Project at a unique moment in the project's history, as we are laying the foundation for Tor to scale and continue to grow. You will be working with all these teams, supporting them in executing a long-term vision and strategy.

The Tor Project has a strong culture of transparency and democratic processes. We are looking for a Director of Engineering who shares these values to lead our teams and help Tor to continue to provide the most private and secure way to access the Internet.

Academic degrees are great, but not required if you have the right experience! Further, if you feel that you meet most of these requirements or could meet them with a little time and support, we would love to hear from you! This is a full-time and permanently remote position. Salary for this position is $150,000 USD (negotiable) and there is voluntary opt-in salary transparency for employees and contractors. description:



  • Backend Engineer for OONI
  • Bookkeeper-Payroll Specialist
  • Brand Designer
  • Browser Developer
  • Browser Developer
  • Developer Data Architect
  • Education and Communities Coordinator
  • Executive Assistant
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Metrics Data Architect
  • Onion Services Site Reliability Engineer
  • Senior System Administrator
  • Shadow Simulation Developer
  • Software Developer for Anti-Censorship Team
  • Software Developer for Anti-Censorship Team
  • Software Developer, Rust
  • Software Engineers for Applications Team
  • Systems Administrator
  • User Support Specialist

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